Director of Operations
Office 206.566.6596
Email jessica@pilotnw.com

A Little More About JESSICA

Jessica has been with Pilot Ventures since 2018, building on more than a decade of professional experience around the globe. As the Director of Operations, Jessica works across departments to keep things running smoothly and coordinates all HR for the company and its syndicated entities. She supports investor relations and special projects, such as facilitating the successful merge of Pilot’s multifamily brokerage division (now part of CPX) in 2021 and supporting HR and legal compliance into 2022.

Although Jessica grew up in the Seattle area, she also spent nearly seven years overseas in Greece, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and South Korea. She received a master’s degree in Culture, Communication, and Globalization from Aalborg University and continued her cross-cultural work after returning stateside, spending five years in international education before making the move into real estate. Her experiences ignited a passion for building connections and helped hone many skills, all of which continue to be relevant in the fast-paced world of real estate investment. She loves to get people involved and that extends into her free time. When she’s not greeting participants or pouring beer as a volunteer at local events, Jessica can often be found cooking new recipes or cycling through the city.