Maintenance Technician
Office 206.566.6597
Email hello@pilotnw.com

A Little More About MALCOLM

Malcolm has been a Maintenance Tech with Pilot Property Management since 2024. He previously worked at a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company, where he became adept at tackling complex projects with precision and creativity. Prior to that, he honed his customer services skills and gained invaluable knowledge in home improvement tasks at Home Depot.

Outside of work, Malcolm proudly identifies as a “gamer nerd,” enjoying the immersive worlds and strategic challenges that gaming offers. Recently, he has been venturing into the serene yet exciting world of fly fishing, while only giving himself a few surprise piercings.

Malcolm is particularly excited about his role at Pilot because it keeps him on his toes. He thrives on the variety and the unique challenges that each day brings, always ready to solve new problems and ensure everything runs smoothly.