Maintenance Technician

A Little More About TERRANCE

With a career marked by diverse experiences and a commitment to excellence, Terrance commenced his journey at Pilot Property Management in 2023. Prior to joining Pilot his professional trajectory encompassed valuable tenures in utility drilling, contributing to Boeing’s success, and executing security camera installations for North American Video.

Beyond the corporate realm, Terrance finds fulfillment in sports officiating. He is a basketball referee, where he uses leadership insights he learned from coaching high school football. His commitment extends beyond the professional sphere in his dedication to youth coaching and mentoring, which is driven by a passion to foster growth and development.

Embracing adventure, travel, hiking, and road trips, Terrance approaches both professional and personal pursuits with a dynamic and forward-thinking mindset. As he continues to navigate the intersections of his multifaceted career, he remains steadfast in his dedication to making meaningful contributions and inspiring the next generation.