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Successful real estate investing takes both capital and experience. Leverage our industry knowledge and resources to maximize returns while limiting your liability.

Pilot Capital is the investment division of Pilot Ventures LLC.

Since 2017, we have syndicated more than $64M of real estate. The team at Pilot Capital is made up of industry experts with extensive experience analyzing and assessing deals. Through research and strategically formed partnerships, we source and acquire multifamily real estate properties in Washington and other high-growth states that provide a mix of equity appreciation and cash flow to maximize investor returns while maintaining a conservative underwriting approach. Our objective is to provide a stable investment vehicle that has the potential to deliver an attractive, passive return on your investment.

Syndications provide the opportunity to invest in real estate without the responsibilities of individual ownership. Capital is pooled from multiple accredited investors, allowing people to access high-value real estate deals with a low minimum investment amount. This gives everyday investors access to deals that are normally out of reach and to diversify their investment portfolio.

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